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Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e. V.

The Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia set its target to support and sponsor as many disadvantaged boys and girls at the schools in Namibia as possible. Education is the key to a future worth living. At the moment our main focus lies on Swakopmund, Windhoek and Rehoboth.

Latest News
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“Wear it for you, too“
Arthur Rohlfing receives the Order of Merit honouring his volunteer work

The medal with ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany is a special award anyway – in the case of Arthur Rohlfing, who received this acknowledgement in the village hall of Schwaförden on Monday night, the political head of district Cord Bockhop identified another particularity: “In the argumentation for the suggestion from the Nether-Saxonian state chancellery it says: The foreign office explicitly supports the decoration. I haven’t ever read this before, you have my full respect…”
The eulogy further acknowledged the local politic commitment of the 67-year-old who was a member of the local and borough council from 1996 through 2011. In 2003 he founded the Sonnenkinderprojekt with the general idea of an improved international understanding and the specific aim to grant children in Namibia access to school education. In his speech, the mayor of Schwaförden emphasized the pleasantness of working with Rohlfing even if they had had differences in opinion. He also appreciated the local involvement of the Sonnenkinderprojekt e.g. by including the local schools.
Arthur Rohlfing thanked for the praise but added: “A chairman can only be as good as his environment. I have an especially great environment – I will wear this medal with pride but also for each of you”.

As Climate Scouts in Namibia

High school students from Sulingen meet with Students in Swakopmund for a Workshop
Bearing unforgettable impressions the high school students Maximilian Albers, Alexander Krause, Finn Chorus, Nina Gerkens and Josephine Schmidt just returned from a trip to Namibia with their environmental education teacher Margot Wilhelmi. They had spent a week in Swakopmund, realizing a climate workshop together with students from the local high school.
During this project, which is supported by the Sonnenkinderprojekt located in Schwaförden and the Bingo Environmental Foundation, the students discussed the weather and climate in Germany and Namibia as well as the climate change and its consequences both in general and in detail for Sulingen and Swakopmund. The Germans also participated in the Namibian classes and gained new experiences on day trips.
Within work groups the climate scouts here as well as in Namibia will now collect and evaluate data and initiate measures for the sake of climate protection. Regular communication by means of e-mail, social networks and videoconferences is planned.
The German students hope that they will be able to welcome some of the Namibian students with their teacher Anja Smit in Sulingen in 2016. Arthur Rohlfing, chairman of the Sonnenkinderprojekt is currently trying to raise funds for the return visit.

A donation of books from the Promary School Moordeich and a donation of jerseys from the TV Stuhr

Shortly before the summer holidays, we received two donations.The children of class 2b Primary School Moordeich handed over a textbook donation to the chairman Arthur Rohlfing.
The TV Stuhr donated a brand-new set of jerseys for the Sonnenkinderproject. On behalf of the Namibian children, we thank you very much for these donations!

Construction of a Preschool Classroom completed.

At the Rehoboth Primary School the construction of a preschool classroom could be completed – not least due to the support of the Sonnenkinderprojekt. Further details here…

Two new primary schools in Windhoek added to the support list

After the Augeikhas Primary School dropped out, the Sonnenkinderprojekt could include two new primary schools in Windhoek to the project. The team visited the Gammams as well as the Khomas Primary School in Windhoek and gathered information regarding the schools’ state and the neediness of many students. Upon the unanimous decision of the executive board for the cooperation, the first students could already be added to the list of sponsored children. You can find further details on the schools at “The Schools”.

New webcam placed into operation

The Sonnenkinderprojekt found a new cooperation partner for the operation of a webcam in the Hotel “The Stiltz” in Swakopmund. This addition makes it three webcams in total featured by the project in Namibia, providing the possibility to watch real-time pictures throughout the world. The button “Webcams” in the menu top right gives direct access to the webcams’ pics.

Former Federal President impressed by Sonnenkinderprojekt

Chairman Arthur Rohlfing meets the former Federal President Horst Köhler at the goodbye-party of the Namibian ambassador S.E. Neville Gertze in Berlin. The retired politician is impressed by the hitherto received donations of 280,000 euros. Both agree to meet again for further talks. Please find the German newspaper report here ....

A whole team going to Namibia!

The Sonnenkinderprojekt and the high school Sulingen will send five climate scouts on a journey. This was made possible by the Sonnenkinderprojekt’s cooperation with the BINGO! Umweltstiftung Niedersachsen (environment protection charity). Please find the German newspaper report here ....

Commitment for Delvilene

Students of the primary school Scholen secure tuition for young Namibian. Since 2009 already the Three-Friends Primary School Scholen assume responsibility for the tuition sponsorship for a child within the Sonnenkinderprojekt of Arthur Rohlfing in Namibia.
Please find the German newspaper report here ....

Honorary membership of Sonnenkinderprojekt

In the general meeting October 25th the chairman of the Sonnenkinderprojekt Arthur Rohlfing could grant the honorary membership of the project to the former liaison teacher at the Namib High School in Swakopmund, Ms Ute Scuda. Please find the German newspaper report here ....

Kicker equipment for primary school students

There was a lot to do for the executive board members at the weekend, namely “extensive packaging jobs and filing endless pages of customs declarations”, as chairman Arthur Rohlfing put it. Please find the German newspaper report here ....

Solar Systems for Sonnenkinder-Families in Rehoboth

On behalf of the Sonnenkinderprojekt 27 solar systems were handed over to needy families in Rehoboth. Please find the German newspaper report here ....

Photovoltaic system for Okatale Combined School

Some weeks ago the project PV system Okatale started in Sonnenkinderprojekt. Soon it can be finalized. Please find the German  report here ....

Arthur Rohlfing receives human rights prize from amnesty international Syke

“Commitment is no flash in the pan.” “The prize is a temporary award but the impact will remain”, amnesty international declared…. Please find the German newspaper report here ....

Ceremony on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Sonnenkinderprojekt

Sunday, October 13th, the large hall at the tavern “Zur Post” in Neubruchhausen saw the festive event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Sonnenkinderprojekt. Many of the 140 invited guests prized the association’s commitment for disadvantaged children in Namibia during their speeches. Please find the German report here ...

Special feature of the Sulinger Kreiszeitung and project week at primary school Scholen

On Occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Sonnenkinderprojekt the Kreiszeitung published a special feature titled “Sponsors make dreams come true”. At the same time during calendar week 35 the Three-Friends Primary School in Scholen offered a so-called project week providing background information on Namibia. For years already the school has a partner school in Namibia, the Augeikhas Primary School in Katutura. Please find the newspaper report here ...

Visit of the Namibian Embassy in Berlin

The Sonnenkinderprojekt chairman Arthur Rohlfing and his fellow board member Dieter Lange accepted an invitation of the ambassador S.E. Neville Gertze to join a discussion at the embassy. Please find the German report here ...

Naturfreunde Deutschlands, Landesverband Bremen e.V.

New partnership with up-to-date content

The North-South Partnership for Climate Change would like to inspire children with regards to the topics of biodiversity, climate, climate change, energy saving and renewable energy. In Namibia, too, climate change and environmental issues are of growing relevance. The Namib High School could be won as partner school. During his trip to Namibia Arthur Rohlfing reported about the climate project and handed over a “climate suitcase” from the Nature Lovers Bremen.


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